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Wall Display
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Model: A5 SKU: A5 hanging
List Price: £4.00
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A5 PVC poster Displays hold a poster between 2 sheets of clear plastic. They are ideal for displaying price lists, signs or advertisements on a budget in retail shops or offices.

PVC wall or hanging poster Displays are created from a 'U' shape sheet of plastic and have two holes at the top, through the front and back sheet. Posters are placed into the display from the side.

This display can be hung from a ceiling using ceiling fixings and wire hooks, mounted to a wall with screws, or stuck to a clean flat surface with suction cups

This product is made from approx 0.5mm clear rigid PVC, which is a thinner and more flexible material than our alternative Acrylic Displays. Unlike Acrylic, PVC will not break or crack when dropped, it is low cost and durable.

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(Sunday, 13 February 2011)

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